The human body consists of 70 % water . All of the organs in the human body contain large fractions of water: The blood and kidneys are 83 % water, the heart 80 % , muscle tissue 76%, the brain 75%, the liver 68%. and even bones contain 22% water! Geographers are able to tell us that 72% of the earth 's surface is covered by water . However, drinking water accounts for a mere 0.75% of the world 's water resources. Worldwide, 884 million people have inadequate access to clean water and more than 2.6 billion people do not have basic sanitation. Each year, around two million people die as a result of contaminated water, and most of these are children. This raises the following question: How can we raise people's awareness of why and how they should use water sparingly? The Water is Life poster competition provides answers to this question. In this project, students and young artists from all over the world were asked to examine this issue and to develop their own artistic interpretations and forms of expression. The response was overwhelming: artists from 83 countries submitted 4.862 designs.

Redefining The Simplicity