The first annual festival of Azadegan visual arts

The finders were identified at the first Azadegan Visual Arts Festival in the poster design. According to the Public Relations Department of the Qasr Garden & Museum, after the deadline for the submission of works, the judges of the festival, Mr. Ibrahim Haghighi, Kourosh Parsanezhad, Hassan Shiva, Onish Aminollahi and Hiva Pashaei, among the 725 projects submitted to the Secretariat,  they choose 103 works for the Participation at the festival.
The opening ceremony of the festival was held on Friday, August 30th, from 18:00 with the speech of Professor Mir Jalaluddin Kazazi and with the participation of the outstanding artists of the country in Farokhi Yazdi salon in the Qasr Garden & Museum, which the winners of the first Azadegan Visual Arts Festival were introduced as follows:
Sevenaz Soltani (first award), Amir Najafi (second award), Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi (third award), Mahmoud Basbar (fourth award) and Khashayar Teymoori (fifth award).

Redefining The Simplicity